“Easily one of the most engaging indie projects of the year so far, the sublime and poetically powerful new EP Selling You.”    July 2023 (Stereo Stickman) https://stereostickman.com/music/t-r-burge-selling-you/


“T.R. Burge is an artist through and through, writing and performing out of a sheer need to do so – nothing formulaic or fake. Selling You is brilliant, a wonderful project, from a songwriter and creative no doubt worth seeking out on the live scene.”    July 2023 (Stereo Stickman) https://stereostickman.com/music/t-r-burge-selling-you/


"No fillers here, but the title track in particular – an irresistible melody and lush vocals – is a modern pinnacle within the genre."                                                                                                                           July 2023 (Add to want list) https://addtowantlist.com/index.php/2023/08/09/new-ep-t-r-burge-selling-you/


“Offering up some wonderfully rich and enchanting vocals that sweep across a sombre acoustic-led production throughout, he continues to impress on this captivating new swoon.”                                                                               May 2023 (Music Crowns) https://www.musiccrowns.org/new-music/premiere-t-r-burge-previews-his-forthcoming-ep-selling-you-with-the-vibrant-title-track/


"Burge’s velvet vocals coasting across the surface. The rousing melodies and backing choruses add to an anthemic rush."              July 2023 (Backseat mafia) https://www.backseatmafia.com/premiere-manchester-based-singer-songwriter-t-r-burge-is-going-to-ride-this-rail-on-the-eve-of-his-new-ep-selling-you/